Soft Reflector in Different Embossed Styles

Soft Reflector in Different Embossed Styles

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From the above video, we can see 3 different embossed styles on the soft reflectors.

The first one is the by-one mold embossed directly, so the embossed lines will go through the reflector, and the back side has the embossed lines.

The 2nd one needs to process 3 times. firstly the frontside and backside material is embossed separately (it needs 2 different molds), then there will be a third mold to cut out the shape.

The last one needs 2 processes. first, the front side needs to be embossed, then the 2nd mold will do the cutting.

Embossed reflectors are nice. but please note the embossed area will not have reflective affection. if it needs to meet EN13356 or EN17353, needs to count enough reflective material area.

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