Reflective Slap Wrap

reflective slap wrap for kids. new reflective bracelet

The slap wrap is called reflective armband, or reflective slap wrap, reflective bracelet, magic ruler, slap armband ruler, fluorescent armband etc. it is used when walking, jogging, an cycling for safety reason.

To use the slap wrap, hold the reflective surface upward and hold tightly one end of the reflective band, tap the wrist / ankle gently to let it wind around, To straighten unwind the strap and stretch it until it makes a sound like a "crack" .

In Europe market for the reflective slap wrap, CE, EN13356/EN17353, EN71 standard is requested if it is for safety use. We have many colors for your choice.

You should pay attention to the fake material ,they looks like real 3M, Reflexite , but the reflex is completely different

It is a very nice item for promotion.

The reflective slap wrap is a part of PPE, as a "Visibility accessories for non-professional use", it should meet with CE EN13356 standard. 

Our CE EN13356 certificate was performed by SATRA UK. 

To make a EN13356 reflective slap wrap, there will be 4 main points as below

1, the printing area should not too big, which will cover the reflector area and reduce the reflective effection. 

2, the color of the EN13356 reflective material is silver and lime yellow.  like 3M Scotchlite reflective material or Reflexite material. 

3, CE mark should be printed.

4, CE information should be with the product. 

download the EN13356 reflective slap wrap certificate PDFdownload Certificate of CE EN13356 reflective slap wrap  


CE EN13356 Certificate for reflective slap wrap

Size Of The Slap Wrap

we have many different sizes for the reflective slap wrap, but there are some standard sizes most used as 3X30cm, 3X34cm, and 3X38cm, the maximum size is 45cm. 

size of the reflective slap wrap

if you want to design the artwork on the slap wrap, you can download our template (in pdf file) below:


Shape Of The Slap Wrap

You can customize the slap wrap of various shapes, but the main body of the product must be straight because a steel spring needs to be inserted.

steel spring for reflective slap wrap

the material for the steel spring is Manganese Steel

Printing On the Slap Wrap

You can print your company logo or any other words even the image on the slap wrap. but you can not print too much area on the surface since the ink will cover the reflective material. The logo can be on the surface and under the surface. We can print more than 10 colors for the logo (by silk printing).

for more information on the printing issue, please go to our blog to see more explanation 

Luminous & Reflective

The slap wrap can be both luminous (sometimes we call it "grow in dark", "fluorescence", "phosphorescence") and reflective. so there will be 2 materials on the surface, the top of the surface is a reflective material and luminous material under the top.

grow in dark-fluorescence-phosphorescencecence-phosphorescence slap wrap

reflective & grow in dark slap band

reflective & grow in dark slap wrap

phosphorescence grow in dark slap wrap

Other Reflective Slap Bracelet

reflective slap wrap non-PVC with webbing SW01

reflective slap wrap with webbing

reflective slap wrap made of reflective pvc sheet SW02

reflective PVC slap wrap GLASS BEAD TYPE

reflective slap wrap with charm

Reflective Slap Wrap With Charms

plush reflective slap wrap

Plush Reflective Slap Wrap

Packing Reference

Polybag (Standard)

PVC pouch







Blister Packaging

Cardboard Holder


Cardboard + Froth cover

slap bracelet packing


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