3m Reflective Lanyard

Reflective lanyards are a popular and practical accessory for promoting safety in low-light conditions. Custom reflective lanyards take it to the next level by allowing you to add a personal touch to your safety gear. In this section, we will explore the concept and steps to create custom reflective lanyards

Reflective Lanyards

A simple, effective way to keep personnel safe is with a lanyard made from the reflective material. Reflective lanyards are incredibly helpful for keeping track of your identification while also making the user stand out in the dark and be seen. Yolite offers personalized reflective lanyards to companies, brands, and partners who want to raise their image or offer a service at events. The most common uses for our lanyards are to show badges, backstage passes, tickets, and ID cards.

Reflective lanyards work best at night or in low light conditions. For safety and visibility, they are the best way to upgrade your tickets to upscale festivals, late-night charity runs, and other high-end nighttime activities. Reliable, efficient illuminators are created by bonding the reflective ribbon to a polyester foundation lanyard.

Custom reflective lanyards can be made in your favorite colors, and Pantone color matching is available for additional customization to fit your brand’s message. Choose from professional navy, high-contrast scarlet, and a variety of other colors from the Pantone color system. For complete customer satisfaction, Yolite will send unlimited changes on all Reflective Lanyard designs for FREE designs review.


Polyester reflective lanyards are a popular type of reflective lanyard that are made from high-quality polyester material. These lanyards are designed to reflect light in low-light conditions, making them a great choice for safety purposes.

The Work Card Lanyard Reflective Badge Lanyard Printed is a type of lanyard that is designed to hold work cards and badges securely. Reflective lanyard are ideal for use as key chain holders, cell phone holders, and ID cardholders.

The reflective lanyard hanging neck mobile phone is a popular accessory that offers practicality and safety. The lanyard is typically made of reflective material, which makes it easy to see in low-light conditions, and it is designed to be worn around the neck.

The creative simple fashion reflective belt detachable neck rope mobile phone is a versatile and useful accessory that offers both practicality and style.

One of the main benefits of the mobile phone lanyard hanging neck wrist pendant key ring is convenience. Users can easily access their phone when they need it, without having to rummage through a bag or pockets to find it.

The polyester sticker reflective strip screen printing work card lanyard is a type of lanyard that can be used to hold student ID cards, work badges, or other identification cards.

The Polyester Webbing Reflective Tape Reflective Printing Color Webbing Lanyard is a type of lanyard made from durable polyester webbing material.

The Colors Wave Pattern Crossbody Adjustable Phone Case with Neck Strap Lanyard is designed to wear crossbody style with an adjustable strap.

A colorful short mobile phone rope wrist silicone lanyard is a practical accessory that allows you to keep your phone close at hand.

The Colors Wave Pattern Crossbody Adjustable Phone Case with Neck Strap Lanyard is designed to wear crossbody style with an adjustable strap.

Reflective Custom Safety Lanyards

Reflective custom safety lanyards are lanyards that are designed to enhance visibility in low light conditions. They are commonly used by people who work in industries that require them to be visible to others, such as construction workers, warehouse workers, and event staff.

  1. Breakaway Lanyards: These lanyards have a special safety mechanism that allows them to break apart when pulled or caught, reducing the risk of injury.

  2. Adjustable Lanyards: These lanyards can be adjusted to different lengths, making them suitable for people of different heights and sizes.

  3. Custom Printed Lanyards: These lanyards can be customized with the logo or name of the company or organization, making them a great promotional item as well as a safety tool.

  4. Retractable Lanyards: These lanyards have a retractable cord that allows the user to easily extend or retract the lanyard as needed.

  5. Specialty Lanyards: These lanyards may have additional features such as ID badge holders, key rings, or specialized hooks or clips.

Custom Safety Lanyards

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