Reflective Safety Vest Manufacturer and Wholesaler in China

Reflective Safety Vest Manufacturer and Wholesaler in China

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We are a leading wholesaler & manufacturer of high-quality reflective safety vests in China. With a commitment to safety and innovation, we take pride in producing vests that enhance visibility and protect individuals in various industries and activities.

Our reflective safety vests are made to fit the requirements of many different industries, such as cycling, event planning, law enforcement, road maintenance, construction, and more. We offer the ideal solution for your requirements, whether you are planning an event, outfitting a construction crew, or just looking for personal safety gear.


Reflective is a reputable safety vest manufacturer and supplier based in China. It offers high-quality safety reflective vests for workers and a variety of standard certifications. If you want to buy high-quality safety vests in quantity, send us an email. Depending on the required level of light intensity, Reflective offers a variety of safety vests to improve the visibility of employees, police, cyclists, pedestrians, and pets in low light.

High-Visibility Safety Vest

Reflective is a professional safety vest supplier and manufacturer in China that provides quality safety vests for workers. All kinds of standard certifications are available; email us if you are looking for a quality safety vest at a bulk price.

ANSI/ISEA-compliant materials ensure optimal visibility in any environment. The durable, weather-resistant fabric and strategically placed reflective strips make it an ideal choice for construction, roadwork, and more. Prioritize safety without compromising comfort. Illuminate your path to protection with our High Visibility Safety Vest today.

Running Safety Vest

Reflective running safety vests are popular among athletes and runners because they can improve wearers’ visibility in low light. For this reason, Reflective running vests are crucial for outdoor safety.

Children’s Safety Vest

Children’s safety vests can reflect the light into the headlight or road light, such as a lighting source, remind the drivers by reflecting light, and keep them safe on the road. Yolite Reflective has kinds of fashionable patterns and styles of children’s vests for selection. A PET safety vest can draw attention from drivers to a dog or cat, remind them to stay away from their pets and shield pets from harm in the event of a collision. Yolite Reflective has a reflective materials plant and offers reasonable pricing and quality assurance for all of its PET safety vests.

Fluorescent yellow children safety vest with reflective tape

PET Safety Vest

A PET safety vest can draw attention from drivers to a dog or cat, remind them to stay away from their pets and shield pets from harm in the event of a collision. Yolite Reflective has a reflective materials plant and offers reasonable pricing and quality assurance for all of its PET safety vests.

Construction Reflective Vests

Working in the construction industry requires a construction safety vest. These safety vests are a crucial instrument for guaranteeing the security of employees on construction sites because they are made to increase visibility and lower the chance of accidents.

To meet different needs, we can customize a range of high-visibility construction reflective safety vests. They can be customized with staff names or company logos for identification purposes. They can be manufactured in a variety of colours, including yellow, green, orange, or red.

Why Choose to Manufacture Reflective Safety Vest?

Manufacturing safety vests is a strategic choice, offering a wide range of products to enhance workplace safety. With a commitment to high quality, competitive prices, and fast, secure shipments, safety vest production becomes a gateway to a thriving market, meeting the demand for reliable, compliant safety gear and contributing to a safer work environment worldwide.

Wide Range Of Products

Safety vests allow for a diverse product range, catering to various industries’ specific needs. From standard designs to customizable options, offering a wide selection ensures your manufacturing business meets the varied safety requirements of different workplaces.

High Quality

Quality is paramount in the manufacturing of safety vests. Adhering to stringent standards ensures that each vest is durable, weather-resistant, and highly reflective. This commitment to quality not only meets regulatory requirements but also builds trust with clients, assuring them of the effectiveness and reliability of your products.

Competitive Prices

Being a safety vest manufacturer enables you to provide competitive pricing. Streamlining production processes and offering bulk order discounts position your products attractively in the market. Affordable prices make safety vests accessible to businesses of all sizes, further contributing to their widespread adoption for enhanced workplace safety.

Fast and Secure Shipment

Manufacturing safety vests with a focus on fast and secure shipments enhances your business’s reliability. Timely deliveries ensure that clients receive their safety gear when needed, fostering positive relationships and repeat business. A commitment to secure shipment methods further guarantees the protection of valuable safety products in transit.

Quality Assurance For High-Vis Safety Vests

We are committed to delivering high-visibility safety vests of the highest quality to our customers. Quality assurance for our High-Visibility Safety Vests is at the core of our commitment to safety. Rigorous inspection processes ensure that each vest meets and exceeds ANSI/ISEA standards, providing optimal visibility and durability. From the selection of materials to the final product, our meticulous approach guarantees that you receive safety vests of the highest quality, ready to illuminate your workplace safety standards.

Material Selection

We source premium, durable, and high-visibility fabrics to create vests that can withstand demanding environments and maintain their effectiveness over time.

Manufacturing Process

Our vests are crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring precise stitching, proper alignment of reflective elements, and overall consistent quality.


Each vest undergoes a thorough inspection and testing phase to identify defects or imperfections. We check for reflective tape visibility, fabric integrity, and overall construction quality.

How Does Reflective Safety Vest Work?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the fluorescent or bright colours of the clothing to enhance a glowing appearance. This glow’s effect is much more substantial in times of poor lighting conditions like dawn and dusk.

Size Chart For Regular Safety Vests

Moreover, the reflective safety vests can also work using ultraviolet light from various sources, such as car headlights. Ideally, safety vests come in different colours, such as green, red, blue, and orange. This is why you will see construction workers, road and railway workers, and the airport crew in these yellow or orange safety vests.

Applications Of Safety Vests

Safety vests are incredibly useful and adaptable pieces of equipment that are used in a wide range of settings and pursuits. These highly visible clothes improve safety and visibility, lower the number of accidents, and shield people in dangerous situations. The following are some important uses for safety vests:

Construction Safety Vests

Building sites and crowded, high-risk locations like road construction sites are common places for construction workers to work. By increasing workers’ visibility to drivers and machine operators, high-visibility construction safety vests lower the chance of accidents.

Road Work Safety Vests

Traffic controllers and road maintenance personnel direct traffic safely by donning safety vests with luminous stripes, particularly at night or in low light.

Traffic Safety Vests

Safety vests are used by crossing guards and traffic police officers to control traffic and guarantee pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas and school zones.

Cycling Safety Vests

Safety vests are worn by bike commuters and cyclists to improve their visibility on the road, especially during journeys in the early morning, late afternoon, or early evening.

Security Safety Vests

Security guards wear reflective safety vests to indicate their presence and keep the peace in a variety of settings, including airports, shopping centers, and private businesses.


Top provider of superior reflective safety vests makes us proud. What makes us unique is our dedication to safety, innovation, and client pleasure. Our committed staff can meet your exact needs, whether they involve bulk wholesale orders, customization with your corporate logo, particular colours, or a variety of sizes. Get in touch with us right now to talk about your requirements for reflective vests, ask for samples, or a competitive purchase price.

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