Bicycle Spoke Reflector Wheel Reflective Clip

SizesΦ 36X61X9 mm
ColorSilver or Amber
Bike Safety
Packaging DetailsPackage By Carton
FunctionSafety warning reflector light while ride bike at night


The Bicycle Spoke Reflector Wheel Reflective Clip-on is a must-have accessory for night riding, as it enhances visibility and safety by reflecting light from oncoming vehicles and other sources. With its easy clip-on design, installation and removal are a breeze.

As a professional manufacturer of bicycle spot reflectors, bicycle wheel spots, silver clip reflectors, and bicycle spot reflectors for sports, we offer a wide range of products to suit your needs.

Our focus was on international export product development, production, and sales. The quality control processes for Bicycle Spoke Reflector have been improved in order to ensure that each product is export-ready.

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