Reflective Shoelaces

reflective shoelaces are a versatile and useful accessory for anyone who wants to stay visible and safe while wearing shoes. With a variety of colors and customization options, they can also add a unique touch to any outfit.


packing of reflective shoelace by tube

Product Name5mm Polyester/Reflective Stripe Shoelace
Environmental StandardsSGS tested
Color FastnessLevel 4
Minimum Order Quantity3000 pieces (less than MOQ requires an additional fee of 200, custom requirements/non-stock items excluded)
Product Specifications5MM (widest 0.8cm, narrowest 0.3cm)
Product ColorCustomizable according to requirements
Metal Head200 choices
Product Packaging100 pieces/bundle (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Factory AdvantagesManufacturer, factory provides graphic design, with 4 automatic proofing machines, 15 precision jacquard machines, dozens of various advanced machines, 50 high-speed braiding machines, 5 spoolers, strict guidance by industry first-class technicians, black/white colors available for sample within 3 days, nylon high-elasticity with 300 ready-made yarn colors, polyester with over 1000 ready-made yarn colors, cotton with 200 ready-made yarn colors. Ready-made yarn available for samples in 5 days; dyed yarn available for samples in 7-8 days. Cap rope, metal head waist rope, shoelace 3 heads sample costs 100 yuan, with over 200 choices of hardware head.
Product UsageCommonly used for ropes and belts in clothing, apparel, shoes, hats, waistbands, hanging belts, high-end luggage and handbag accessories.

We also call the reflective shoelaces like below list:

  • High-visibility shoelaces
  • Safety shoelaces
  • Nighttime running gear
  • Reflective athletic accessories
  • Glow-in-the-dark shoelaces
  • Reflective running shoelaces
  • Running shoelaces for low-light conditions
  • Jogging shoelaces
  • Walking shoelaces for safety
  • Luminous shoelaces
  • Reflective material shoelaces
  • Reflective thread shoelaces
  • Fluorescent shoelaces
  • Light-reflecting shoelaces
  • Outdoor activities shoelaces
  • Athletic gear shoelaces
  • Running gear accessories
  • Reflective clothing accessories
  • Running shoe accessories


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