LED Running Light

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LED Running Light

Lighting Range: 20 meters
Luminance: 3 models for 250/180/90 LM
8 LEDs
USB rechargeable

The LED Running Light from Reflective sports is a cutting-edge accessory designed to enhance visibility and safety during outdoor activities. Packed with advanced features, this light is a must-have for runners, cyclists, and anyone who enjoys nighttime or low-light adventures.

  • Powerful LED Illumination: The running light is equipped with a high-intensity LED that emits a powerful and focused beam of light, ensuring optimal visibility even in dimly lit surroundings.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: Choose from various lighting modes, including steady illumination and flashing patterns, allowing you to adapt the light to different scenarios and preferences.
  • Adjustable Fit: The light comes with an adjustable strap that can be securely fastened to your arm, leg, or gear, ensuring a comfortable and stable fit during movement.
  • Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand the elements, the light is weather-resistant, making it suitable for use in various outdoor conditions.
  • Long Battery Life: The LED Safety Belt Sports Vest is powered by long-lasting batteries, ensuring you stay illuminated throughout your activity.

Applications: The LED Running Light offers a range of applications, catering to both safety and convenience for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Running and Jogging: Whether going for a quick jog around the neigh our hood or training for a marathon, the LED Running Light enhances your visibility to oncoming traffic, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Cycling: Cyclists can easily attach the light to their bikes or helmets, alerting drivers and pedestrians to their presence on the road.
  • Hiking and Trekking: When exploring trails or hiking paths, the LED light adds an extra layer of safety, making you visible to fellow hikers and wildlife.
  • Walking Pets: Walking your pets in the early morning or late evening becomes safer as the LED light ensures that others easily spot you and your furry friend.
  • Emergency Situations: The versatile light can also serve as an emergency signal, helping you attract attention in unexpected situations.
  • Nighttime Events: Whether you’re attending outdoor concerts, festivals, or night markets, the LED light adds a fun and functional element to your outfit, making you stand out.

The LED Running Light combines innovation, safety, and convenience to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a reliable tool that ensures visibility and adds style to their activities. With its features and diverse applications, this light is an essential companion for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits, no matter the time of day.


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