Intelligent Rechargeable Cap Light, Rechargeable Sport LED Light

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This cap light could used for camping, reading, night walking, running and so on.

Size: 5X6X1.5cm

LED light: 3 pcs

Weight: 35grm

How to use the Rechargeable Cap Light

1, Press the switch once, the light will be steady, about 12 hours

2, Press the switch again, when you are at rest, the light will be off. but when you are nod or shake your head, the light will be remains until you at rest after 15 ceconds.

3, Press the switch again for the 3rd time, it will flash.

4, The 4th pressing will be off.


The light should be supported the use of right adapter.

Keep the light dry

Filling up the light, and if you don’t use it frequently, please charges it every 3 months.

Adapter: 220V/50Hz



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