Fluorescent yellow pets safety vest with reflective strip


Color:Fluorescent Lime
Fabric:Solid Tricot
Reflective Tapes:1″ & 2″ Silver Reflective Tape
Closure:CHook and loop


Fluorescent yellow pets safety vest with reflective strip

LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: CSV-046 safety vest is light-weighted and breathable, which will keep dogs cool and comfortable, even will forget they are wearing this yellow pets safety vest.

360° VISIBILITY High visibility reflective tapes around neck and back, so that your pet will be more visible at night or in the dark.

ADJUSTABLE Hook and loop closure allows easy adjustment for a custom fit.

CUSTOMIZE: This pet safety vest is designed to fit a wide variety of dogs. Logo imprint is also available with different ways. You can customize your own vest by changing the color, reflective tape, or fabric etc.

A fluorescent yellow pet safety vest with reflective strip is a type of vest designed for the safety of pets, particularly dogs. It is typically made with bright yellow or neon green fluorescent material that enhances visibility, making the pet more noticeable during walks or outdoor activities.

The vest also features a reflective strip, which further enhances visibility in low-light conditions, such as during early morning or nighttime walks. This reflective strip helps to alert drivers and other pedestrians to the presence of the pet, reducing the risk of accidents.

This type of vest is popular among pet owners who want to ensure the safety of their furry friends during outdoor activities. It is particularly useful for those who walk their dogs near busy roads or in low-light conditions. The vest is typically made with lightweight and breathable materials that provide comfort and flexibility for the pet.


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