Elastic Reflective Bands, Arm/Ankle Reflective Band, Reflective Ankle Band Wristband

Safety LED Armband

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The Elastic Reflective Bands are versatile and effective accessories designed to enhance your visibility and safety during various activities. These bands are specifically designed to be worn around your arms or ankles, providing maximum visibility to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Made from high-quality elastic material, these bands offer a comfortable and secure fit, adapting to the shape and size of your arm or ankle without causing discomfort. The elastic nature of the bands ensures they stay in place during movement, making them suitable for running, cycling, walking, or any other outdoor activity.

The Arm/Ankle Reflective armband is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style and preference. Whether you prefer a vibrant color or a more subdued option, there is a band to match your taste.

  • High Visibility: offers 360°visibility reflective material, which makes you be seen 800 feets away by cars at any weather condition like dark, rain, fog , to keep you safe all the time.
  • Useful at Night: Great for outdoor activities, like walking, running, cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, Jogging, dog-walking, kids play. It is also good choice for anyone who works in dark.
  • UNLIMTED SAFETY OPTIONS: the band can be used around wrist, arm and ankle , over clothing or attached to backpack or other items.


Elastic Reflective Bands


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