The Line On The Reflective PVC Surface

The Line On The Reflective PVC Surface

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When you check the some of reflective items carefully, you will find there is a line on the surface of these slap warp or badges, etc. Sometimes it is a very thick and sometimes it is a very thin line. This is the reflective vinyl sheet below. if you check the photo, you can see the line cross on the material.

silver reflective vinyl pvc sheet

Reflective vinyl raw materials come in different sizes like USA material comes in a roll (for example, 3M material is in size of 45.7cmX100meter) while China-made material comes in a sheet (45X45cm). But it is the same that Every 23cm on the surface for the raw material, there will be a line.  This is not a quality problem. Because the size of the molding which produces the reflective vinyl is about 23X23cm. So it will not possible to avoid this line when you produce items with a size of more than 23cm.

Normally the client will accept it.  because I think we mainly want to use its safety function instead of its looking. but it will be better to explain this point to the client in advance.

So if the reflectors with size more than 23cm,  there will be a line on it. 

Yolite Reflective PVC Surface

but when we design a soft reflector hanger, we will try to avoid this line, if a reflector with line on it, it looks very bad. see blow photo, if the line is thick, the item looks like a defective product.

Custom PVC Surface

to have a better looking, we can make the design in the area of 23cm, so we can get a perfect reflector.

design for soft reflector fox


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