Safely Equipped To Travel

Safely Equipped To Travel

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Just like motorists, cyclists have to adhere to the safety rules when they travel. Information on the mandatory equipment required and the dangers that could be incurred when they fail to comply.

Are you ready to begin or return to the bike for your daily rides? Before you set off you should take some steps and a few pieces of equipment are required. Look up the list of compulsory equipment that is subject to an unassailable fine however, don’t end there. For your protection and safety most importantly, any other equipment is suggested.

Equipment for cycling that must be used:

Two brakes that work, front and rear. Before leaving, be sure to verify whether your brakes are in good condition as well as your bell for secure travel.

An audible warning device is used to inform other users of any potential danger. The sound must be heard from at minimum 50m away.

Lighting, which includes reflective devices (reflecting gadgets) and lights for the position.

To remind you As a reminder, the color should be red at front of the bike. yellow or white on the front as well as orange along the side as well as the pedals. Be sure that the lights are functioning properly. Similar to the way the position lights function in pairs, one red one on the back of the bikeand the other one is white or yellow at the front.

Take note that if you have an extra trailer for your bicycle that is more than 1.30m in width and the lighting needs to be on the trailer.

Helmets are required for every driver or passenger who is less than the age of 12. However it is highly recommended for every other cyclist.

Retroand reflector vest is required for both the rider and passengers in the event of a ride in the dark, out of built-up areas, or when visibility is not sufficient.

A child’s seat is required when you have a passenger younger than five years old.

The recommended equipment to ensure your safety:

A helmet is a way to lessen the risk of head injuries in the case of an accident.

An ad-hoc danger spreading device (orange rod that is attached on the rack for luggage on the bike) to help motorists leave the area if their proximity becomes too crucial.

Mirrors, to expand your field of view

Any reflective equipment or light-colored clothing that is visible at any time of the day.

Avoid using headsets or headphones. The blocking of traffic sounds can increase the risk of accidents and is not allowed.

What penalties are there for infringement?

Even though a cyclist isn’t run the risk of losing a point off his license the case of a bicycle-related infraction, he can be fined. Here are a few examples:

A driver who is not wearing a vest or high-visibility is subject to the cost of $35 EUR.

Equipment that is not in compliance (example the condition of the brakes , or lights) can result in an amount of 68 EUR

The inability wearing a headgear in the age group that is compulsory can result in an amount of 135 EUR

A ride on the phone or using headphones can also be punished with a the fixed penalty of EUR 135.

Driving under the influence is a criminal act that can result in a court appearance. Based on the level of your blood alcohol the judge can deny you the right to operate in a motor vehicle for five years or longer.

Additional penalties could be imposed in the case of non-compliance to the highway code.

Cycle, consider it

To ensure your safety, plan your travel itinerary prior to leaving

Make sure to indicate your shifts in direction by extend your arm

Choose the single file (compulsory at night , and when you need to move). Do not put more than two sides by side.

Don’t stay within the blind areas of busses or Heavy goods cars, as they are bigger than the blind spots of cars. Also, be aware of phone calls from the air.

When you corner, stay to the right as much as possible. The vehicles will only see the bikes at the very last moment.

Safely Equipped To Travel is a phrase that implies being fully prepared and equipped with the necessary tools and measures to travel safely. It may refer to ensuring that one has the appropriate travel documents, such as passports and visas, as well as necessary travel accessories like luggage locks, money belts, and travel insurance.

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