Printing On The Reflectors

Printing On The Reflectors

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The printing method will affect the reflective effect of the soft reflectors.

The reflective vinyl material for the silver color is weakly transparent. you can see through the printing below photo.

printing on and under

When we design a soft reflector, we must think about how to print it in the best way.

For silk printing, the ink will cover 100% of the reflective material. it brings no reflective effect anymore.

While for offset printing, the ink layer is very thin, so the light still can go through the material.

For EN13356 designs, the area without printing should be more than 15cm2, normally, we leave 20cm2 at least.

The below photos show the silk printing ink covering the reflective material.


The below photo shows the offset printing will still have a reflective effect. not so much but still works

offset printing and silk printing on the soft reflector view

But of course, even with CMYK offset printing on the surface, the reflector will not pass the EN13356 testing. because the ink affects the reflection a lot.

if you need colored reflectors, you can put the colored PVC under the silver reflective foil.

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