How To Use The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film For The Logo On Clothing

How To Use The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film For The Logo On Clothing

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This Is About The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film Application

The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film can be cut into a shape for any kind of logo. You can heat it into your clothing and it will be very cool at night time

The Material is for Glow coating+PET

Product Features: High Reflectance, Solid Hot Connecting, Anti-water Resistance, Environment-Friendly,non-harm for people

Principal of Glow: RareEarth Store the light

Product Specification: 0.94*25m/R(Size could be customized)

Color and Glow Color: Pink(OrangeLight),Orange(Orange Light),Green(Green Light),Blue(Yellow GreenLight),Yellowish Brown(Yellow Green Light), Original Color(Yellow Green Light)

Application Area: Clothing, Sports Equipment, Toys, Luggage, Rain Gear, Curtain, Sofa, Cushion, PetCushion, Shoes, etc

Product Introduction: Glow Heat Transfer Film is one new type of self-glow heat transfer film product, which is broadly used in the pattern DIY of clothing and leather. It is an environmental and ideal clothing accessory, full of excellent stretch, flexible, and anti-water resistant features. In the meantime, we also control all 16 production procedures to guarantee the beautiful product color and glow reflectance of every roll of heat transfer film.

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film On The T-shirt

Application Suggestion:

1. Computer cutting plotter to cut to the desired pattern, cutting depth of cut from the film into the underlying preferred 10-30UM.

2. Without stamping machine directly transferred to the substrate.

3. Lamination temperature is generally 120-170 ℃, time of 10-20 seconds/second, and a pressure of 20-30 pounds, time and pressure listed above should be used as a guide. Each combination of the substrate and the reflective film should be tested to determine whether the optimum setting meets customer requirements conditions.

4. Until the product is cooled to tear away from the film surface.

5. Other lamination methods, such as roll-to-roll, heat fusing, and HF welding may also be used. The proper temperature, time and pressure conditions must be tested for each fabric to assure adequate adhesion and physical performance.

6. Lettering release material from the substrate film peeling-based, easy-to-water operations, is not recommended for smaller patterns and line patterns of production, because once the material is stripped from the substrate after bonding it is difficult to go back. Suitable for cutting plotter, cold knife, and laser engraving.

Storage Suggestion

1. Photo luminescent Vinyl should be stored in a cool, dry area, preferably at 65-75ºF (18-24ºC) and 30-50 % relative humidity, and should be applied within one year of purchase.

2. Using the process to ensure that the product was dried, prolonged exposure to the humid environment will affect the quality.

3. In unopened packaging intact, well-stocked, the shelf life of 12 months of the date of manufacture.

Technical Data:

Material: importing TPU, releasing film
Surface Gloss: Matte
Textile Care Test: household washing machine, 40 degrees, above 50 times, 30 minutes per time
Environmental Protection Standard Test: pass the test of SGS, 16P, eight main kinds of heavy metal, Formaldehyde, AZO, Organotin, PAHs, SCCP
Surface Film: PET release film
Hot Melt Glue: PES
Release Liner: silicified release paper
Thickness of Film: 140±μm(containing hot melt glue layer)
Gross Thickness: 210±10μm
Gross Weight: 280±10g per square meter


1.The data contained in this manual is in accordance with the representation of the standard test method, couldn’t used as a performance guarantee for special purpose.

2.This shows that retailer and manufacturer’s only responsibility is to replace the inferior goods. Retailer or supplier don’t bear the responsibility,  because of not using this product properly so to cause direct or indirect damage or loss. Before using, users should judge it is suitability for the special usage and bear all risk and responsibility related to this. All the statement or recommendation not included in this manual isn’t equipped with any effective power, unless it is referred in the agreement with the retailer and supplier.

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