How To Organize A Reflective Slap Wrap Production Workshop

Want to make a production workshop for the reflective slap wrap? It’s easy to set up if you have these machines and parts ready.

1. First step needs the high-frequency machine for PVC welding


for 5KW, the price is around $4500

2. The Second step find an air pump 


The price is about $300 for this air pump machine

3. The tooling is necessary

mould for HF-machine

The mold is made of brass, price is about $150

4. Raw material:  reflective vinyl, PVC sheeting, and flocking PVC

Spare parts for slap bracelets production mainly need the below materials:


5. Do not forget the most important part: the steel spring

Steel spring for slap bracelet

The steel spring is made of manganese steel. the regular thickness is 0.16 mm, to make a slap wrap 3X34cm, the steel spring size is 2.5X33.3cm, the price for this part is about $0.05