How To Make An Orange Reflective Slap Wrap With CE EN13356 Standard?

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for EN13356 Standard, it needs a high reflective effect and orange reflective slap wrap for the correct design. If you need to make an orange-color reflective slap wrap with CE EN13356 standard, you can not use orange-color reflective material.

the solution to make is we can put the silver reflective vinyl on the top layer and the orange PVC layer on the 2nd layer. like below product photo:

reflective slap wrap band orange color EN13356

If you use normal orange color reflective vinyl, it will not reach EN13356 standard due to low reflection.

Orange Reflective Slap Wrap 2 options

the above photo shows the 2 materials. the top one is for regular orange reflective vinyl, of course, its color is 100% orange. but reflective testing will be very weak.  the 2nd one shows the silver reflective vinyl with an orange layer under it. it is not 100% orange, but we can see the orange color through the top layer.

This is the only solution to make An Orange Reflective Slap Wrap With CE EN13356 Standard.

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