Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl

Reflective Vinyl (PVC) has different colors, below is the regular color we used in the production.

1. Reflective Vinyl made in China

the reflective vinyl made in China is for the low-end market, the reflection is not so high but it is still in reflective.

below is the color swatch we have

Size: 46X46cm

Thickness: 0.25mm

2. Reflective Vinyl for CE EN13356

the EN13356 reflective material is in high reflective, EN13356 is the PPE regulation in EU which requests high reflective for safety.

For EN13356 material, normally it is for 2 colors: lime yellow and silver


Size: 45.7cm (width) X 100 meters (length) as a roll

Thickness: 0.25mm

PET foil protected on the surface