Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl

Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl

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Reflective Vinyl (PVC) has different colors, below is the regular color we used in the production.

1. Reflective Vinyl made in China

The reflective vinyl made in China is for the low-end market, the reflection is not so high but it is still in reflective and Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl.

below is the color swatch we have

Size: 46X46cm

Thickness: 0.25mm

2. Reflective Vinyl for CE EN13356

The EN13356 reflective material is in high reflective, EN13356 is the PPE regulation in EU which requests high reflective for safety.

For EN13356 material, normally it is for 2 colors: lime yellow and silver


Size: 45.7cm (width) X 100 meters (length) as a roll

Thickness: 0.25mm

PET foil protected on the surface

Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is a type of material designed to reflect light. It is commonly used on clothing, accessories, and safety gear to improve visibility. Choosing the right Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl is crucial as it can affect its effectiveness in different light conditions. For instance, using the wrong color can be a safety hazard as it can blend in with the background, making it hard to see in low light. Choosing reflective vinyl PVC based on personal preference is fine, but keep in mind that regulations and standards may limit your choices. As a result, lime yellow and silver reflective vinyl are two of the most common colors for high-end reflective material. On the other hand, reflective vinyl made in China is suitable for the low-end market. Although its reflection isn’t as bright, it’s still reflective. In conclusion, the right color of reflective vinyl can make all the difference, helping you stand out in low-light conditions and be seen by others.

Colors of reflective vinyl for the low-end market

Reflective vinyl is an essential material that keeps individuals safe during low-light conditions. However, not all reflective vinyl is created equal. For instance, reflective vinyl made in China is designed for the low-end market and thus doesn’t reflect as brightly as other high-quality reflective vinyl. Despite this, it still maintains some reflective properties.

The reflective vinyl swatch for China-made vinyl indicates the available color’s and sizes. At 46X46cm and 0.25mm, it’s suitable for low-end reflective apparel and gear manufacturing. The best part of reflective vinyl is its versatility, and while China-made vinyl may not offer the highest reflectivity, it’s still suitable for everyday use.

Colors of reflective vinyl for the high-end market

Reflective vinyl is a popular product used for safety and decorative purposes. It comes in a variety of colours and is available in both low-end and high-end options. Choosing the right colour of reflective vinyl is important to ensure the product serves its intended purpose and meets safety regulations.

Coolers of reflective vinyl for the high-end market:

EN13356 is a regulation in the EU that requires high reflective standards for PPE. The EN13356 reflective material is highly reflective and comes in two colours: lime yellow and silver. Lime yellow is the most popular colour for EN13356 reflective vinyl and is commonly used for high-visibility clothing and gear. The bright colour stands out in low light conditions and helps keep individuals safe in hazardous environments. Silver reflective vinyl is also available and provides a classic look, making it a popular choice for decorative purposes.

EN13356 reflective material is affordable and readily available despite its high-end characteristics. It provides an excellent option for individuals who require high reflective standards or want to add a touch of safety to their clothing or gear.

Factors to consider when choosing the color of reflective vinyl

Reflective pvc vinyl  material is an essential fabric used in various industries to improve safety. With the help of advanced technology, reflective vinyl is now available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. This blog will provide an ultimate guide to choosing the perfect reflective colour.

Colours of reflective vinyl for the low-end market:

Reflective vinyl made in China is perfect for low-end markets as it is affordable and has a reflective surface. The reflection, however, is lower than EN13356 reflective material. The Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl comes in different sizes, with 46x46cm being the standard. The thickness is 0.25mm, and the colour swatch is available for multiple colours. 

Colours of reflective vinyl for the high-end market:

EN13356 reflective material is widely used in high-end markets as it is known for its high reflectivity levels. The PPE regulation in the EU, EN13356, requires high reflectivity for safety, and the material complies with these regulations. The reflective material is available in two colours: lime yellow and silver. The size of the EN13356 reflective material roll is 45.7cm in width and 100 meters in length, and the material thickness is 0.25mm. 

Factors to consider when choosing the colour of reflective vinyl:

There are various factors to consider when choosing the colour of reflective vinyl. First and foremost, the light conditions should be considered. If the area where the reflective vinyl will be used is mainly in low light conditions, a highly reflective colour, such as silver or lime yellow, should be used. If the background is dark, a lighter colour should be used to increase visibility. Different regulations and standards should also be considered when choosing a colour, as some industries require their workers’ specific colours of reflective materials. Finally, personal preference should also be considered, as individual tastes vary.

Applications of reflective vinyl:

There are various applications of reflective vinyl, ranging from reflective clothing to reflective accessories for pets. Reflective clothing such as reflective jackets, reflective vests, and reflective T-shirts are commonly used by runners and cycleVis. Reflective gear and accessories for sports and outdoor activities, such as reflective armbands and slap wraps, are also available. Additionally, reflective vinyl can be used for decorative purposes.


Reflective vinyl is an excellent material for enhancing visibility, but choosing the right color is crucial for its effectiveness. The color of reflective vinyl plays a vital role in how well it reflects light, and it can also have aesthetic implications. When selecting a conclusionary, it is essential to consider light conditions, background coolers, regulations, and personal preferences. Reflective vinyl is perfect for making reflective clothing, gear, and accessories to keep you safe in low-light conditions. From decorative purposes to safety gear, reflective vinyl is the way to go. Choose the perfect cooler to reflect your style and personality and keep yourself safe.

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