BSCI Audit Of Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co.,Ltd

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Producer : Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co.,Ltd
DBID: 12131
Audit ld : 188315
Audit Date : 05/08/2020
Audit Type : Full Audit


BSCI Audit Reflective


BSCI revision av Yuyao KeAn Reflective Products Co.Ltd

What is BSCI?

BSCI, which stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative, is a leading social compliance monitoring system implemented by companies globally. It aims to improve working conditions within the supply chains of participating companies. BSCI focuses on areas such as labor rights, occupational health and safety, fair remuneration, and the prohibition of child labor and forced labor. By adhering to the principles of BSCI, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

The Importance of BSCI Audits

BSCI audits play a crucial role in ensuring that companies maintain high standards of social compliance. By conducting regular audits, companies can identify areas that need improvement, rectify any non-compliant practices, and enhance overall supply chain transparency. BSCI audits provide an opportunity for businesses to align their operations with internationally recognized ethical standards, promoting fair and safe working conditions for employees.

Overview of Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd

Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of reflective products, including reflective tapes, fabrics, and safety vests. The company has built a strong reputation for its commitment to product quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd operates a modern production facility and employs a skilled workforce to meet the growing demand for reflective products across industries.

BSCI Audit Process

The BSCI audit process involves several stages to assess a company’s compliance with the BSCI standards. These stages include:

  1. Pre-Audit: The audit process begins with the selection of an accredited audit firm. The company being audited, in this case, Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd, provides relevant information to the audit firm, including policies, procedures, and worker-related data.
  2. On-Site Audit: A qualified auditor visits the company’s premises to conduct an on-site audit. During this stage, the auditor reviews various aspects of the company’s operations, such as employment contracts, health and safety measures, working hours, and employee well-being. The auditor also interviews workers to gain insights into their working conditions and any potential grievances.
  3. Audit Findings: After the on-site audit, the auditor compiles the findings into a detailed report. This report outlines the areas where the audited company complies with BSCI standards and areas that require improvement.

BSCI Audit Findings for Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd

The BSCI audit conducted for Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd highlighted several strengths and areas for improvement. The audit findings revealed that the company excels in maintaining safe working conditions and providing fair remuneration to its employees. The report also commended the company’s commitment to preventing child labor and forced labor within its operations.

However, the audit identified areas where Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd could enhance its social compliance practices. These areas included the need for improved grievance mechanisms for workers, enhanced worker training programs on occupational health and safety, and increased transparency in the supply chain.

Actions Taken to Address the Audit Findings

Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd took immediate action to address the audit findings and improve its social compliance practices. The company implemented the following measures:

  1. Strengthened Grievance Mechanisms: Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd established a more robust system for workers to voice their concerns and grievances. This included the introduction of anonymous reporting channels and regular worker engagement sessions.
  2. Enhanced Training Programs: The company invested in comprehensive training programs to educate employees about occupational health and safety. These programs focused on promoting a safe working environment and equipping workers with the necessary knowledge to identify and mitigate workplace hazards.
  3. Supply Chain Transparency: Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd increased transparency within its supply chain by implementing traceability systems and conducting regular supplier audits. This ensured that all suppliers adhere to the same high standards of social compliance.

Benefits of BSCI Compliance

By undergoing the BSCI audit and taking necessary actions to address the findings, Amfori BSCI Social Audit 2021- Manufacturing for Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd. gained several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Reputation: BSCI compliance demonstrates the company’s commitment to social responsibility, which enhances its reputation among stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees.
  2. Access to Global Markets: Many international buyers and retailers prioritize partnering with BSCI-compliant companies. By complying with BSCI standards, Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd can access a broader market and attract new business opportunities.
  3. Improved Supply Chain Efficiency: Through increased transparency and adherence to social compliance standards, Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd can build a more efficient supply chain. This leads to improved productivity, reduced risks, and stronger relationships with suppliers.


The BSCI Audit Reflective of Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd demonstrated the company’s commitment to social compliance and responsible business practices. By identifying areas for improvement and taking swift action to address them, Yuyao Ke’An Reflective Products Co., Ltd has enhanced its operations and strengthened its position in the market. Through BSCI compliance, the company continues to prioritize the well-being of its employees and contribute to sustainable and ethical supply chains.

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