Purpose The Norwegian Parliament has decided that the so-called “Transparency Act” (In Norwegian:”Åpenhetsloven”) enters into force on July 1st, 2022. The purpose is to promote companies’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services and to ensure public access to information on how companies handle […]

Safely Equipped To Travel

Just like motorists, cyclists have to adhere to the safety rules when they travel. Information on the mandatory equipment required and the dangers that could be incurred when they fail to comply. Are you ready to begin or return to the bike for your daily rides? Before you set off you should take some steps […]

The importance of PPE in specific workspaces cannot be underestimated. When workers are equipped with the right gear designed for their dangerous work environment, they are protected from losing life and limb. The company will also be protected from loss of daily revenue and liability lawsuits. So, companies must employ an effective safety program that […]

Why You Need To Drive Safely

Cyclists are part of the group of road users who are vulnerable. When we ride a bike we must be aware of the safety rules and adhere to elementary safety guidelines. A cyclist who is in possession of bicycle lanes or a bicycle at his disposal is bound to make use of the lane. On […]

Introduction Reflective work clothing can increase visibility and safety and help prevent injuries and accidents caused by tripping and slipping under low-light or dark conditions. Hi-Vis Polo shirts come with a bright orange, green, pink, red, or yellow reflective striped pattern so you can be seen. Reflective work clothing, such as our reflective polo shirts, […]

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