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Purpose The Norwegian Parliament has decided that the so-called “Transparency Act” (In Norwegian:”Åpenhetsloven”) enters into force on July 1st, 2022. The purpose is to promote companies’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services and to ensure public access to information on how companies handle […]

Why You Need To Drive Safely

Cyclists are part of the group of road users who are vulnerable. When we ride a bike we must be aware of the safety rules and adhere to elementary safety guidelines. A cyclist who is in possession of bicycle lanes or a bicycle at his disposal is bound to make use of the lane. On […]

A new 2020 standard for visibility products Investigating the latest requirements for these protective products. One of the most ubiquitous daytime sights on the streets of European towns and cities are people dressed in high visibility clothing – fluorescent yellow, orange-red, or red clothing, equipped with bands of retro-reflective materials to make them stand out […]